lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-16 01:36:51 (UTC)

Blah, today was a weird one...

well, last night i went to bed kind of pissed. i know me
and AJ arnt daten but for some odd reason i still get hella
jelous even if hes not doin ne thing. i thought he was
ignoring me last night and talken to my friend, i guess i
was wrong and made a fool outta myself with a stupid
message i gave AJ....sheesh... then i woke up pissed, cuz i
didnt know, so i wake up at 5:20am not being able to go to
bed cuz i was soo mad... i got over it.. LOL then i went to
my friends house where i get a ride to school every
morning. we decided to skip first period. i was not in a
mood of dealing with my teacher Mrs.Gear, shes not on my
friendly list. so we went to jack in the box, and shared a
extreme sausage, pretty good but.. greasy LOL. then i went
to 2nd period, aerobics alright, same as usual.. by the
time i got to the locker room i was dialing ajs number to
see if he got my message, i was lucky enough to hear, he
didnt yet, but i dont know how hes gonna take it! ne ways i
went to my American Heritage English class where we were
talking about our "future" like colleges, what we wanted to
do and everything. it freaked most of us out becuase were
realizing that were graduating next year, and then.. its
the world! lol jk...then off to our fourth period, last and
final period of hte day! we talked about World War 1, and
yes of course Saddam! ahh lol... we got alot of good
comments, but i was ready to move on to a new subject!
after school i stayed after for Tiny Sparts, a day care at
our school where i volenteer for my Citizenship project.
babies are soo cute. most of them were toddlers, but i got
to play with the lil babies. one of them was only 3 months
old! and the other were about 8 and 9 months. they were soo
cute! then my dad picked me up sense i dont have my stupid
license till next friday! (woohoo!) and went to taco bell
for dinner, then off to pick my brother up from
wresteling. now im writing in this thing and tryen to
decidie what else to put in this! OH OH OH lol, i almost
forgot one of my really good friends left for The Navy
today! around 11 AM, it was sad and he txt me, but im over
it now! i hope hes doin alright and will be ok! DUSTIN GOOD
LUCK! but ne ways im gonna go, i know this is pretty damn
boring but hey what can i say?.... lol this is my life,
tomorrow i'll put in about my LA trip! love all of yas!