Montana bound
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2003-12-16 01:25:49 (UTC)


God damn, what was it, plague Mitch with visits from
unfulfilled interests day?

I saw Alyssa at work today. She was buying Pirates Of The
Caribbean. Also, she was absolutely beautiful. It's not
fair, damn it! I was over her! I greeted her in passing
and felt nothing! So why in God's name did it have to
hurt today?

Although, I wasn't so stricken as to not notice that truck
of hers. Yoshi, you were right, it IS nice.

I figured you'd get a kick out of reading that.

After Alyssa left, I went on break, and who should show up
but Allison! She got a drink and came and sat by me and
we talked for a while. Nothing important, just shootin'
the breeze, basically. She's out of a job, trying to get
hired down at Evil-Mart as soon as she has a working car

Alyssa and Allison in the same day. Hell, within 10
minutes of each other! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO DESERVE

It's not that I'm worried or anything. I think I'm just
finally understanding what Jessica was and may still be
going through.

Oh well, it'll pass, just like all the rest.