My ideas and philosphys about life
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2003-12-15 23:15:59 (UTC)

my day (at school)

ok so today we had a fire drill at the end of first period
and it was horriable i just had a t shirt and jeans i was
freezing then computer concepts with my bitch of a
teacher then we had a sub in spanish and she was mean she
ok so i walk in the class and this girl is drinkning a pop
and the sub was like um young lady your not allowed to
drink in the halls or the class under any circumstanses so
the girl was like ok i will go throw it out in the
bathroom and she left while the sub was yelling at her to
give her the pop then samir came in late with head phones
on like he always does but scince we had a sub she was
like um sir give me that and your id then later in the
class she was like share that was the girls name can i
have your id and she was like i dont have that so the
teacher was like i will put that in your dean refferal so
the girl was like oh your sending me to the dean i will
just go down then and she walked out then the teacher
called her dean to tell her and that was spanish along
with lots of work then english that was fun and science we
had study hall and thats about it that was my day

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