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2003-12-15 06:06:29 (UTC)

December 14, 2003 Perils of dating

Well, I am dating someone now and all this year it has been
about dating. I am dating someone named, well it doesn't
matter what his name is. It is a common enough name and
one that many could identify with. I am a deep astrology
aficionado and must include that he is a Capricorn, while I
am a Cancer and I guess all of my Cancerness is coming
wildly out, right out this minute! I have just drank a
glass of Vodka and juice because I am not feeling good
right now and I'm obsessing over this guy. All this year,
I've always been dating or talking to at least three other
guys at the same time, but now I'm only dating this one guy
and I don't know, don't have a clue as to where I stand
with him. We have been seeing each other since Sept.
29th. But I think we really started dating at the end of
October or early November because that is when he took me
out on a date. He seems pretty open to different
suggestions. Maybe I should just call him, but it is
almost midnight, so I am not going to call him. But
tomorrow, either I should be hearing from him or he should
be hearing from me. I like him, I like him, I like him a
lot. I am very attracted to him and I can bide my time
with him, but I have got to know if he likes me back and I
have to hear it verbally and feel it physically (not
sexually!). And I need to tell him that!

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