Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-12-15 04:33:41 (UTC)

One Crazy Week Transformed

What a week!!! Absolutely went the way I didn't expect.
And that ended up being a great thing too!!! It's amazing
the way that a few simple things can turn a week full of
panic, anxiety, and high stakes into a fun and spontaneous
few days.

Of course, as the new tradition dictates, bowling went
down. As expected, I won 3 out of the 5 games. I bowled
OK but couldn't pick up the easy spares. A 130 game
should have been a 190 or 200 if I could've converted when
I had the chance. But I suppose a win is a win. And then
Theresa stayed over and watch TV with me for a little
while. Monday was good times.

Tuesday brought the typical long day. I overslept and
missed the morning shift at the Library for the first time
all semester. The History & Historians presentation of
the big paper was a big waste of time. It was busy as
hell Tuesday night at the Library due to the afternoon
people not doing what they're supposed to (surprise!!!).
Tuesday was really the down day of the week.

Things got much better Wednesday though. The Library
wasn't too bad. I basically chilled in the afternoon and
worked on tweaking the paper. Theresa IMs me in the
afternoon because she was having a crummy day. She came
over at 3:30. We watched Finding Nemo and Eddie Izzard.
She then bought us pizza (yes I actually did let someone
buy me dinner). We then watched South Park and I let her
talk on my AIM name as she tried to gather the dirt on me
from my peeps while I was finishing the tweaking of my
rough drafts of the big paper. She left around 1:30 and I
finished the paper around 4:30. I then overslept once
again on Thursday morning. But it was totally worth it.

Thursday was another good day. I turned in the paper and
had a very sentimental moment with the whole experience.
I took (and I think I did well on) the Statistics final.
Only one more Stat class to go!!! Anyways, that night,
Theresa IMs me and says she won tickets to the Orlando
premiere of "Something's Gotta Give". So instead of
studying, she "forces" me to go and see the movie so that
her friend Liisa can "scout me". After that I come home
to study. While I was doing that, Theresa IMs me and we
have a pretty serious conversation about where we stood
with each other and how things were going and all that.
It was hard at times but it was good. We both needed it.

Friday! End of the semester! The morning at the Library
wasn't too bad. The final was OK. The Library after the
final got a bit busy. I came home and chilled for a
couple hours. I went back to the Library at 4:30 (I was
supposed to be there at 5) to a huge mess. It was a crazy
crazy shift. Lots of books. I left at 8:30 (I was
supposed to leave at 8).

I got some dinner on the way home after such a long day.
Resigned to just having a peaceful night at home, I talked
to Zio and J-vo about a few things we had on our minds.
Then suddenly, Theresa IMs me and tell me she's inviting
herself over. She comes over and we both fall asleep in
each other's arms watching Shrek. We then go to bed.
After waking up at 8 and lying in bed until 9:30, we get
up and watch an episode of Spongebob. After that we fell
asleep for an hour and I had to kick her out so that she
could work on her papers and study for finals.

Ever since she left, I haven't done that much. I went to
Taco Bell with Derrick and we ended up chillin there for 2
hours. I went to the store, cleaned up some, returned all
of my Colosseum books, and relaxed. It was great.

In the end, this was probably by far the best finals week
I've had. I got to spend a lot of time with Theresa,
which was awesome because she's leaving this week for
almost 3 weeks. And I did good on my finals. And worked
a lot of hours. I really hope that things are starting to
fall into place for me. Only time will tell.