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2003-12-15 04:08:48 (UTC)

ugh leave me alone.

LaDiDaGrl [10:10 PM]: The bookstore opens at 7
LaDiDaGrl [10:10 PM]: So we cant get them tuesday
LaDiDaGrl [10:10 PM]: one of us will have to go tomorrow.

Narzissismus [10:10 PM]: go for it

LaDiDaGrl [10:10 PM]: and my fucking psych test is
tuesday right after humanities
LaDiDaGrl [10:11 PM]: Go for it?? I work 9 hours tomorrow
and then I have like a week's worth of studying to do

Narzissismus [10:11 PM]: I am angry right now
Narzissismus [10:12 PM]: if you really need and are so
damn unable to go i will fucking go and pick them up no
fucking problem

LaDiDaGrl [10:12 PM]: I would just think you're much more
able to go than me, whats the big fucking deal?

Narzissismus [10:12 PM]: of course!

LaDiDaGrl [10:13 PM]: You dont do shit all day long!!!
You sleep until 1 in the afternoon!

Narzissismus [10:14 PM]: I of course havent a damn thing
to do during my day other than get some fuckin books well
ill tell you something sister i have a blue book ok i still
have one from before so the only reason ill go out ther is
for you .. amid the mass of studying i am required to do
cause in many of these classes i am on the verge of

LaDiDaGrl [10:16 PM]: well good, that would be great.
dont fucking forget!

Narzissismus [10:18 PM]: fuck u

LaDiDaGrl [10:18 PM]: will you go? you have to promise.

Narzissismus [10:19 PM]: i dont have to do anyhting .. go
ask one of your " Friends"

LaDiDaGrl [10:19 PM]: what

Narzissismus [10:20 PM]: all of your precious little
friends you're willing to drop me for

LaDiDaGrl [10:20 PM]: What are you talking about?

Narzissismus [10:21 PM]: bye
Narzissismus [10:21 PM]: im done
Narzissismus [10:21 PM]: done
Narzissismus [10:21 PM]: done
Narzissismus [10:21 PM]: done
Narzissismus signed off at 10:21 PM


What a fucking moron. Because he went with me to the store
and I saw Chaz! I hadnt seen him in so long! What kills
me though is the look of disappointment on an old friends
face to see me still with that dick, who wouldn't even
pretend to be nice, he just walked away. And then he was
all pissed off. "what am i supposed to just stand there
while you hug that fucking faggot"... yeah. yeah you are.
because he was there for me when you werent, just like all
my friends that you hate.

I bought so many cool presents today though. I'm spending
a lot of money this year. but I dont care. I got caroline
something and my mom two more things. and i got some books
for me! everything i've wanted to get her though i worry
that she might have it already or buy it or something. cus
i had lots of ideas but i worry. I have to go to the post
office and pick up ashley's, it should be there by now.
maybe tomorrow in between studying, or tuesday on the way
to the hospital.

I cleaned some, and got all my puppies knots and tangles
out today. they were really bad. he cried a lot and i had
to cut some. but now it's all better.

I have so much fucking studying to do. Why do I leave this
to the last minute? I didnt realize my psych test was
tuesday morning, not Thursday. im so fucked. im not
staying at work tomorrow, im guna tell danelle i'll come in
thursday but i have to leave at 12 and come home and study
all afternoon and probably all night too. Because I need
to do well on both of these tests. For an A in humanities
and probably for a B in psych. next semester i'm going to
be more focused. this was a bad semester, i wasnt into it
from the beginning, but the next one is going to be good.
school is my top priority and i have to remember that. I'm
going to be so fucking happy Tuesday night though. because
I have both these tests over with and my scary doctor
appointment over. i'm guna have a party for myself tuesday

But I think im guna go to bed now. And really hope to god
I can leave at 12 tomorrow, if not, I'm guna fuck up both
these tests.