taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-12-15 04:03:40 (UTC)

We go now, live from the rut...

I suck when it comes to writing about my emotional state
and my interpersonal relations, actually, it's not only
limited to the realm of literature. As such, no elegant
language will likely find residence in this entry (This
fact is somewhat verifiable over my last 5ish entries), no
clever ideas or funny comments, this is another entry about
my reeling emotional world, and as such it will be, by-in-
large, forthright and somewhat stereotypical of others
reeling emotional accounts but completely non-absolutist
(what irony). The fact of the matter is that this week has
been a really bad week in the context outlined. Not even
the anexity inducing occurence of 4 finals in 6 days was
enough to distract my enough from the matter at hand. Not
even the awe-intimidating, airplane hanger-esque, big,
huge, empty, white box, dubbed the "feild house"/boot camp,
where I had the misfourtune of writting 2 of these
determinist exams was enough to shake my downtrodden
emotional state.

I know this entry is very counter-productive on many
fronts, but I need some form of release. My regular outlet
for this purpose has been tampered with. So here I sit and
type and listen to songs and get down some final study
notes and end off another listless day of useless
activities for some grand purpose that perpetually escapes
me and shudder at the thought of what the nearing days,
where I will not have the of occurence of examinations to
distract me from these ailing thoughts, will have in store.

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