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2003-12-15 03:32:18 (UTC)

Sleepy (WHOA imagine that!)

Whoa, last nite, thats a story to tell right there, to
start things off i got $40 bucks babysitting, not too
shabby, lol so then i drove off to hang out with kyle...
well that all started some lies, and lets say by the time i
got home, i lied to my paretns over the phone and to their
face and missed curfew, and it was all bc im a horrible
liar, but in a way, im ok w/ what happend bc it was worth
it. I had a lot of fun that nite, expect the part where
kyles friends, that tend to be a little immature, tried to
ruin our nite.. they called and were asked stuff
like "whose car is that out there, blah blah" and so i told
him not to tell them and then they started saying shit
like "go check it out bc some one jacked it up" and i was
pissed off to high hell bc my car is the only good thing
that has come from my parents, but anywho, yea, i left
there around 1, got home at 1:30, damn weather... but ya my
mom and dad were up waiting for me, just to get my keys and
license from me, f'ing jerks but yea, i had to have my dad
drive me to work this morning at 7, not a pretty site, but
yea, work was good today bc no one was at the mall, which
was good for my case bc i sat in the back and cried for 2
hours about everything that is going on in the past two
weeks, it seems like nothing has gone right except for one
thing, and all my friends have decided to drop me all at
one time and every where i go there is people that hate me,
work, school, whatever. and then stress with work, my
family, and everything, everything in me just boiled up and
i burst at work... "when it rains, it pours" my good friend
brian said that and he said other things tonite that have
really helped me. Like i told him about how one of my best
friend has tried to sabotage everything and brian told me
that people make mistakes (well this so called friend of
mine, his mistake was huge, not acceptable) and i should
forgive him and move on, whether w/ him as a friend or not,
but to remeber that there is always someone to talk to and
a helping hand to raise you up. I agree with brian except
this weekend i thought i only had one person to depend on
and that was kyle, and suppsedly my two best friends
weren't there. Thank god i can rely on emily thou, even
thou we were in a fight, she was there for me when i needed
her.. thanks em... and anywya, back to brians great advice,
he told me that there will always be people in your life
that bring you down, whether they mean to or not, and i
guess thats one reason i should rethink things, but its
just to hard to even think about it.. but anyway, he also
told me i have to weed through all the people that bring me
down and find the people that will be tehre for me, who are
my pillars of strength, who are people i can depend on, and
the first person is myself. This is going to be tough...
im really glad i talked ot him tonite because he made me
look at things in a way that i didn't want to, but its best
for me.
Anyway, i need to get off that subject.. its touchy... i
got home from work today and slept from 4 until 9... i am
exhausted! this weekend i had to get up earlier for work
than i do for school, it was really tough! but i need the
money desperately... but anyway, ive done enuff complaining
for one night... ill update soon, most likely tomorrow...
well i dont know i work from 6 to 10 so i might be a lil
tired.. oh well, peace n chicken grease!