Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-12-15 03:28:41 (UTC)

The Semester in Review

Well here it is. The Fall 2003 Semester has finished. I
am 2 days removed the end of the Congress final. A lot
went down. I have some good memories. Some OK memories.
Some not-so-good memories. But that is how it goes. With
the good comes the bad and with the bad can come the
worse. So here is my breakdown of the Fall 2003 Semester.

I think that I will have a very good GPA. It should be in
that 3.5-3.6 range. I worked my ass off this semester
school-wise. I probably pissed some of my friends off by
studying so much and not hanging out with them. When I
finished the Congress final on Friday, I remember stopping
for a second, sighing, and saying to myself "This is
it.". This was probably my hardest semester. I am glad
that it is over and I have 3 weeks to chill, but I really
am going to miss it a lot. I learned a lot over the past
4 months. Seeing it end has made my complacent in a way.
But I earned this break. I shall enjoy it.

There were some classes this semester that I would love to
have the same people in. My Italian class was full of
characters and was enjoyable almost everyday. From the
spunky Allison and unique Ingrid in front of me to the
Nicole-esque Marie next to me and the "Retirement Home" in
the front of the class, it's going to suck to not have
some of them in Italian II in the Spring. I'm going to
miss giving them my wisdom and advice. I'm going to miss
being their fearless leader.

Too bad I can't say that about my Congress class. A lot
of those people just plain sucked. Many of them whined
and complained about the dumbest things. The freaking
sorority house that sat around me was "ewwww". And none
of them were hot!!! The little frat boys who always
talked and passed notes to them trying to get into their
pants was horrible. It's one thing to try and get with an
easy sorority girl, but when you affect other people's
education, it's disrespectful. Enough of that rant. I'm
going to get pissed just thinking about it.

School-wise, the biggest thing this semester was, without
a doubt, the undergraduate thesis. 4 months of hard
work. Writer's blocks, difficulty finding the one piece
of information I needed to fill a page, late nights, early
mornings, euphoria, and anger were all involved in the
process. When I went to turn it in on Thursday afternoon,
I remembered all of the little moments that I had
persevered through and all of the memories I had of
putting that behemoth together. It was a very difficult
paper and I had put so much into it. It was a hard thing
to let it go. But I knew that it had to stand for
itself. I know it is very good. I know that the paper
will be very beneficial in getting me into graduate
school. And I know that I did my best. I poured my heart
and soul into it. And, in the end, no matter what happens
with it, I know that the whole experience taught me much
more than about flooding the Roman Colosseum to stage
naval battles and simulate Greek myths.

This semester has truly been a learning experience. I
learned lessons about life. I took a difficult semester
by the horns and conquered it. I saw what careful steps
can do to make things great. I experienced how a single
song can make all the difference in the world in the right
situation. However, a song cannot always convey an
emotion like silence will. Special moments are worth the
wait. Patience brings all sorts of rewards. And whatever
happens happens for a reason.

Over the past 4 months, I believe I have grown as a
person. Life's lessons don't always come through happy
occasions. I believe I have found my calling and I love
it. I have matured even more. People have actually
listened to my wisdom and shared theirs with me in
return. Little things are imprtant to the whole. It has
been a semester that will leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, the semester that has passed has made me
more complete of a person. I've had lows and highs. Down
moments to lifelong memories. And each and every one of
these has made me a much better individual and one even
more capable of living my way and by my rules in a
conforming world dominated by corporations and
conservatives. The experiences both inside and outside of
the classroom have helped become more prepared to put the
world around me into the palm of my hand.

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