Heather's Journal
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2003-12-15 03:10:19 (UTC)

December 14. 2003

Today was pretty boring. Started out by going to church,
which was o.k. Allie enjoys it. Weather was crappy, was
snowing then turned to rain, now everything is iced over.
Went to breakfast, saw Megan Galle. That was alright,
invited her to call or come over, I guess I can forgive
her now that it has been like 10 years right? Richie and I
went shopping like all day. Savannah and Allie stayed with
Nummy. It is now 10:00 and I am dead tired. I have to work
tomorrow and I feel like crap. Some kind of sinus thing.
Savannah is growing so fast. I was looking at pictures
tonight at Nummy's of Allie whrn she was a baby and
Savannah looks just like her! It is amazing but I also see
qualities of Richie in Savannah too. Maybe Allie had them
all along and I just never noticed? Oh, well got to go,
Good Night til tomorrow.

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