the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-15 01:40:12 (UTC)


holy crap i had such a good time in boston!
ok ill tell about it.
well i roomed with amanda dicairano and marisa mcbride.
marisa was kool and amnada was too but she downright scared
me sometimes. i wont go in to details.

ok well on thursday night me, amanda, marisa, brendan
taylor, ryan crooks, jack anderson, and lynch went to
bennigans. we had to be back by 7 to go to committee. we
got back at 7:30 beacuse andrew ordered a well done steak.
WTF! so yeah
committe was boring.......but u can send notes to people
and so i just sent notes the whole time that stated PENIS!
it was fun. the whole committee though i had ADD i was
infamous! everytime i talked people were like its the ADD
girl! it was fun.
i got hit on by 7 girls and 4 guys. yes 7 girls freaking
scary! but yeah i met two of the guys on the elevator.
they were on my floor so we get off the elevator and were
sitting on the couch near the elevators and just talking
and flirting and crap i then realize the couch pulls out to
be a bed! so we unroll and lay down and yell i fall
asleep. im an idiot. and so then i wake up 20 minutes
later and we talk more everyone is staring at us as they
come off the elevator its great. so then mr. vingo steps
off the elevator! I WAS LIKE OMG! so i just ducked under
the blanket real fast so he wouldnt see me and it worked.
YES! so then i went back to their room and guess whos
there? 3 of the girls who hit on me! fucking great. so
yeah we got totally wasted at 12 noon it was great. i
think i made out with the guys but im not sure. yeah i met
up with them later and i made them kiss it was hilarious
cuz they were both staright and they both liked the kiss. i
contributed to the world i helped 2 guys find their
bisexuality. hahaha. then the other two guys were from my
committee. one of them we were in the elevator and we
noticed that we had been sending notes to each other and as
i was getting off the elevator he kissed me!?! yeah idk.
the other guy was ok but he was kinda annoying. as for the
7 girls i just kinda talked to them for a few minutes and
said i had to get back to committee. yeah im smooth.
theres lots of other things i could tell you about people i
met and SJ people but i cant rcall all of it right now.

heres a convo i had with a random person on the subway
this guy: why do they call the subway the "T"?
me: because of the boston TEA party
this guy: oh that makes sense
Me:doesnt it?
this guy:ur a smart girl
me: yes i know i get staright A's
this guy: no you dont your a fucking idiot (then he gets
off subway)
yeah that was great.....

on sat. night i was beat so while everyone else went to
this dance i stayed at the hotel room. my cell rings its my
ex...he asks what room im in so he call me at the hotel and
not waste minutes on his cell. 10 minutes later knock knock
guess whos there. blah fuck him hes such a stalker.
anyway after 10 minutes i kicked him out cuz he fucking
annoys me.

inside jokes made at model UN:
can i moderate your caucas?
the aviators
crazy kid!
bible love letter
and thats it!
c ya'll later! (hopefully not tommorrow as i hope we have a
snow day!)
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