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2003-12-15 00:08:29 (UTC)


January 21st, 1994 I lost someone i loved very dearly. But
not to cancer or a disease. Not from old age. She was taken
away. She was murdered by someone she trusted and loved. The
worse part was how she suffered before she died and how the
person who done this horrible murder got away with taking
her life. She wasnt just my aunt Evelou she was my best
friend and the only mother figure i really had in my life.
She was all i had since my own mother I never really knew
just as an aquaintance. I loved her so much and i still cant
get over what happened... Holidays come and go and they are
still depressing for me knowing she will never celebrate
another thanksgiving eating with our family or open
christmas presents with our family. She will never feel
again. All because some cold heartless bastard decided to
kill her brutally. Im not talking a fast death he wasnt
exactly merciful. He beat her with a broken mop handle. He
choked her and as if that wasnt enough he through her
lifeless naked body out on her own back porch covered in
snow from a blizzard. and through a refridgerator on top of
her. I cry at the thought of the thoughts she must of had
before her death. I cry because she has never got to see my
daughter or take part in our lives. I miss her dearly and
cry for justice for her horrible death that to this day
still goes unsolved, the person who took her life still
free, on lack of true evidence only circumstantial.

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