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2003-12-14 17:30:04 (UTC)

I am back - the Ayorius

After some years I am back on this diary like Ayorius
the angel or warrior
In real life I am working on a gov bank of my country and
still selling dreams of job on gov department. The Bank
is not real a gov department It is difficult to enter on
a real gov department. I tried more contest without success
on other kinds of tests. It was easy question they did not
give right point. It is not made for all people to enter
even it is Law to any citizen can enter. They reserv to
relatives and friends the better chairs.
Well my friend Mel is good. Althought all enemies are
rounding her. She is the strong party of their lives.
It paid to fight and make things for her. I paid back her
help with mine. Now she is a mommy and live with a boy of
another district. He is gorgeus and live a half life like
a citizen and another like a bad boy. But her is the party
the choices not the knight. Amazing her baby has deep blue
eyes. When she asked about it I just said all the angels
were born with blue eyes.
Well I still help people that any close friend prays for.
Another day I was on another district at night taking books
for some teachers. On the back way I saw a man with styled
hair. When a little girl passed and he said bye to her with
a smile I remember me. On the public transportation he could
not pay the ticked and took a favor. On retribute he offered
a bracelet made of colored wires for coin exchanger.
Then I said if he sells those things and I get some bracelet. He said he tripped all country on trucks and living by favors and selling the bracelets and necklages.
Now he was visiting his mommy and sister for Xmas.
I am still using the bracelet like a trumph from that story.
Like other rings I have found on other days.
Good days for heros made from Internet.