2003-12-14 20:27:00 (UTC)

I don't feel like myself

Went through an old box that holds pictures and letters of
my ex... made me laugh, smile, maybe a little sad. Seems
like it was a different lifetime where those memories came
from. Put the box away and saved a few pictures to give to
my son so he could see what dad was like way back when.
Feel wierd, maybe it's because I am sick (flu) I don't
know. My other half is still asleep, wish he could hold
me. I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Right now
my life is okay. I have gotten used to the big move that
took place last year. Moved from the west coast to central
Florida. Totally different! Feeling a little bummed out
with the rain, being sick, the box of memeories I just put
away. Am I okay?

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