The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-12-14 08:53:15 (UTC)

an opportunist, but a damn good one

So classes are finally over, and all that remains are finals
and end-of-term projects. I'm really glad it's all through;
it seems like it was timed so that we'd be sick and tired of
our classes precisely when they ended. At any rate, I have
to bust my ass a little more than I'd really care to during
this last week, but then it's all over. And come Friday, I
get to take the 10-hour train ride home. Yahoo.

That said, I'm ending the term on a pretty fine note. Near
as I can tell, I'm looking at high grades for all my classes
(even art), and I'm in a good position with respect to next
semester, even though there is some uncertainty (and maybe a
9:00 AM class).

My housing situation is looking up, as my roommate is quite
near the top of the transfer list. This is actually turning
into a win-win situation: he's looking at getting a single,
and I'll have a double to myself for a bit at least, even if
I do end up with a new roommate. Just have to hope any new
people are cool (but not too cool for school).

The best, however, is that I'm actually ending the semester
on a good social note. The other day I finally came across
an opportunity to talk to this girl I'd seen occasionally at
the gym. It was a simple premise: I just inquired what she
had been listening to on her walkman. The conversation grew
from there, and we actually had a lot in common, at least in
a historical sense: we're both originally from out West, so
there was much to discuss.

Now of course, I'm going to be careful not to let myself get
carried away. That said, I do, as Hunter Thompson might put
it, intend to ride this strange wave to its end. If nothing
else, I've a new friend, and one who will understand exactly
why I miss being able to see mountains from my driveway.

But we shall see what happens here. My luck may be doing a
full turnaround, but I'll have to make sure it doesn't come
back to its original orientation. I'll have to tread extra
carefully and make sure not to fuck up this situation. But
at the same time, I'll also have to try and advance as much
as possible. Good situations like this don't come along all
that often, so I'm in a seriously weird position.

All specifics aside, this situation seems to say a lot about
my interactions with women. It would seem that I don't have
any problem being reasonably charming, or at least making a
decent impression. So it seems to mostly be a matter of the
first step, and actually initiating an interaction. I shall
have to see what all else happens here, but I think I might
be able to learn from just what has happened thus far.

I'm an opportunist, I admit that. It's unfortunate, for me
at least, that I feel the need for an excuse to take action
in these matters. But, if nothing else, I can do a fine job
of seizing the opportunity once it arises. And as I seem to
have shown, I can fabricate an opportunity from the simplest
or most banal of premises.

At any rate, we'll see what we shall see. It's unfortunate
that I didn't act sooner, what with the end of the semester
being on the horizon and all. But I suppose the old saying
"better late than never" was made for situations like this.
Besides, maybe my timing is a little better than it seems.

Funny that this should happen as soon as my comrades decide
they're going to watch for women I should meet. I suppose I
really have had better luck with them watching my back, even
though it didn't come from the direction I'd have thought.

I shouldn't get ahead of myself, of course. I have no idea
where this path is leading, and it's dangerous to get overly
giddy or make assumptions. Granted, the odds of any sort of
minor catastrophe are small, but a million possibilities are
still out there.

But I still have to hope for the best. Otherwise I wouldn't
really be me.

This is Dave, signing off.