C'est moi and I'm not french
2003-12-14 01:35:06 (UTC)

The Season of

So I have been thinking... I think that christmas is way
more romantic than Valentines day. I mean cold and such. I
hung out wiht bobby last night and I thought I liked him.
He's really sweet and super nice but sort of a poser
(poseur?.... Punk is a total trend now and he has jumped on
the trend wagon. ALl well... SO I went shopping with my two
best friends and it was actually fun Deannah didn't obsess
over her boyfriend much... Don't get me wrong, it's great
that shes finally found "the 1" (haha theres me laughing my
ass off) but she doesnt have to tell the world how she
fucks and how she is in love... I went to a concert with
Pennywise in it and it was fun! I was moshing and it was so
great... i have to find someone to mosh with for my type of
concerts.... that is it for now.