es un fiesta

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2003-12-14 01:10:45 (UTC)


james is my boyfriend as of november 2 2003. i like him a
lot. and i was suprised that he liked me. it all started
when sam wouldnt walk with me to the bus because i had told
him that i wouldnt go to the homecoming dance with him. so
that day in chemistry 1 honors, the guy who normally sits
behind me was absent so this guy james w. comes and sits in
that desk and i was talking about how james jordan and i
might be going to homecoming this year. and i said james is
so hot, talking about james j. and james w. goes "thanks"
and i didnt know his name was james. so it was pretty
funny. and then everyone was talking about music and he
james w. was like i like dashboard confessional. man was
that music to my ears! and then i asked him what he was
listening to because he had his headphones on and he said
limp bizkit. man what a let down.. lol but i listened to a
few songs cause he told me to. and they werent that bad..
but i didnt let him know that. lol.. any way like i said i
usually walked with sam to the bus but since i had told him
i wouldnt go to the dance with him i was walking by myself
and so james went the way i was going to so i walked with
him and we get to the part where i have to turn to go to
the bus and he said "you want a ride?" and i was is he for
real? and he was. so he gave me a ride home. and we talked
the next day in class and we walked out of class again, and
i go to turn and hes like "you want a ride?" so yeah thats
where it all began.

and i asked him out.. kinda. we did things like
boyfriend/girlfriend and all and i was sick of just being
friends.. so one night i was like are we just friends and
he was like i dunno and i was like how do you not know so
he asked me out. and i said yes. and now we have been going
out for 1 month, 1 week, and 6 days. i love it. its great
having someone.

the best part is when we hold hands when hes driving. as
corny as it sounds it gives me butterflies everytime. i
love stuff like that. and man, i love it when someone plays
with my hair. it drives me crazy... james should figure
that out.

things get physical with us and its great. i wont go into
detail. sometimes though i feel like a horrible kisser,
cause i havent done it much, james is like only the 3rd guy
i have ever kissed. i hope im not that bad, at least for
his sake. i feel like the biggest loser sometimes with him
but its alright.

i got his christmas gift today. i hope he likes it. i got
him the "super troopers" dvd. apparently its his favorite
movie, i hope he doesnt have it, cause then ill just feel
dumb for not knowing that he has it.

cars are his life, and not in the redneck sense either. i
was going to get him something to do with cars for
christmas but since i know nothing about cars i didnt. i
try and listen when he is talking about cars. i try not to
forget all he says. really i try. he has a nice car.

since i know james will most likely never read this ... i
want to make out with him while "always" by blink 182 is

until then, later.