My Gay Misadventures
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2003-12-14 00:27:49 (UTC)

*Sits on Diarys face.*

Well...first off...Fuck you Diary. Fuck. You. -- EVERYTIME
i mention a fuckin dude in my entry, the next day,
something goes arye. Me and Matias got into this "Not a
fight-just an angry face" confrentation the other night. I
acted like such a pussy. He wouldnt belive the fact, that
i'v never shot up, and the scar on my arm is really just
from an IV. So then he brought up other stuff he didnt
belive me about...Like how many men Iv met from
Men4sexnow.com (cuz thats oddly enough where we met) And
weither ot not iv had sex with Wisconson or not (Some ugly
white dude with flaky skin and from wisonson i used hang
out with)...Anyhoot, after awile of pleading (which is SO
not like me) I got all PMS-y and stormed out of the room.
He later followed me and said he was goin home. I even said
sorry as he shut the door behind him...now, can you
say "Whinny lil Bottom bitch"?...I swear that'll never
happen again...I rarely let my emotions get the best of me.
Im Evil, damnit. (well, at least Dad thinks so)...Damnit. I
just needa hug right now...well, not really. A hug would
seem kinna invasive right now. I needa make out with
someone. Or pity sex. Yea....I also realize this entry
counts as a gloomy one, which in turn makes me a hipacrite
on one of my early entries...Hah. Sucks to be me. In a way,
I kinna need this hooka to not be mad at me, He's to be my
ride to work on monday...so, Him being put Canceled would
REALLY put my ass in a pickle...(hmm, that didnt come out
right)...not that im useing him. Its just a side note. I
also took some XXX pics of meself the other day...with my
webcam, and posted them on the net...does that make me a
skanky low bit whore? or just someone who is thinking ahead
for when i become rich and famous?...Blah.