2003-12-13 21:18:39 (UTC)


Wow, this has been one hell of a week... every day has
sucked until yesterday... my computer has been f'ed up this
whole week do to some virus that some asshole put on my
computer but it finally works thank god that my dad is a
computer genious! Ya, anywho, yesterday was great from the
beginning... i left for school in a hurry bc i got an extra
hour of sleep (see i could have said i slept in, but that
sounds negative and im trying to focus on the postive
aspects of the day, lol)and i got all the way to school and
realized i left my crutch at home so i turned around and
hauled ass back home and was freaking out that i was going
to be late. Thanks to my excellent driving skills and
speedy car ;) i made it to school with one minute to
spare! Seminar was pretty cool, andrea, tanya, stacey and
i all talked about gay shit, most likely it was about
special olympics (not making fun of them bc stacey loves
them!) and then, off to english. We had a vocab test but i
cheated, go figure, and then 2nd thru 5th was a blur. On to
accounting, ah my favorite class, lol, josh stole my keys
which was def. not cool bc during the test that we had in
there he kept jingling my keys bc he knew i was pissed that
he had them, lol, jerk... and then john tried to copy but
he couldn't for some reason so he turned in his test blank.
Ya, after school, good ol' physical therapy.. but i
actually had fun! Jeff the intern was there and it was his
last day and me and my new p.t friend, marybeth, talked to
him and A.D. for like 30 after the place closed, yea we
close the place down, haha, then after p.t. i headed home
to get ready for the nite :) so anyway, it took me a lil
while to get ready i dont know why, i think i was nervous
(yup im a loser)... well i met up with kyle and parked my
car at his house (i learned that i cant park worth shit but
thats besides the point) and we headed off to the
cincinnati zoo for the festival of lights. we got down
there due to my excellent navigational skills (riiiight)
and yea... we walked around and stuff and it was really
fun! i esp. liked the train ride but for reasons ill keep
to myself ;) la tee da, i want a polar bear! i just
remebered that i saw it and it was rolling around and
stuff, and we went in the tunnel by it and i heard
a "little people" story, lol, he makes me laugh! so we
finish at the zoo and realize we have 2 hours till i have
to be home, so we drive around for a while, and end up at
kyles house, and i was going to talk to his mom but she was
asleep, so we headed to the basement (which was freezing
balls by the way!) to watch a lil real world.. good show,
good show... yea.. we just uh hung out for the rest of the
night and realized at 12:20 i was late! so i called my mom
to see if i could get an extension til 1 but nooo she has
to be mean! so yea, i end up leaving at 12:50 and get home
at one, but i dont think im in trouble... because im bad, i
do what i want, lol yea so i get home late, and have to
wake up around 5 to work, which was def. not cool but
anywho... its like 4 and i have to babysit at 5 so i gotta
chillax for a while...
i cant stand to be tickled!!! lol