would the world stop spinning
2003-12-13 06:55:46 (UTC)

a love like this will burn forever..just not the way it should

I remember you saying that you were going to come see me
for lunch but since they were there nevermind.... and I
felt the tears build and build the more I heard of your
voice and the more appearant it became to me that would be
the last time I would be standing in that kitchen, on that
phone, listening to you on the other line. I remember
hanging up and the tears streaming down my face as I turned
to walk down the hallway, I wiped them all away and
regained myself by the time I got to my closet. And as I
swung open the doors to our room there they stood talking
and all I saw behind them was all I had seen for the last
three months and it was all yours now... nothing of mine,
all of that was in boxes scattered around. As I stood
looking I realized that little droplets of water from my
eyes were hitting the hardwood floor, all in front of me.
My dad looked at me and said I'm sorry I can't help you
with that... and through the tears I replied, no one can.
And I realized at that moment I couldn't stay any longer.

i did not write sister did,she happens to be one
of the most amazing writers i've ever had the pleasure of
her and i are just the same in alot of ways...we are both
completely in love with the idea of being in love.we both
wanna find that steriotypical..romeio and juliette...
soulmate...tragic kinda love.the kinda love that makes you
feel like you could die at any moment becuz it hurts sooo
bad. the love that people are afraid of...we happen to have
been dating best friends,who happen to have left us about
the same time.i cry reading the things that she writes
becuz it's all exactly how i feel,i just can't find ways to
put it into words anymore...jesus i used to be able to.
there is something different about it this time. i can't
really get it into words seem right or good
enough,or maybe i just know that at this point that is all
they would be...words.
i could sit here for hours and mutter lines of nonesince
about how i feel the weight get heavier on my chest
everyday,or about how i know now that i made mistakes that
i wish i could fix,or even that i want her back so bad that
i could get all clark gable/amalea... hopeless romanitc
babble on the world. what good would it do really?