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2003-12-13 01:01:14 (UTC)

i hate titles

la la la no more regular school days until jan 20 yippee
still got finals tho :o( but still lol... however i wont
have cheering for like 2 weeks... kinda sucks but i guess
ill live with it! i really dont have a choice... but
anyways i dont really have much to write about... im tired
ive been up since 8 this morning and cant go to bed until 7
tomorrow morning.... gotta love work... but hey its gonna
be easy i guess... boring to but im getting payed like 1.50
more then i normally do and im gonna be studing so its like
im getting paid to study which is a plus... kinda screws my
friday night tho... but tomorrow i finally get a car...
after not having one since october 21.... stupid people..
she shoulda slowed down or turned her lights on.. something
of the sort... so i guess all u can do is live learn and
get over it.. im living they're living... the only thing
dead is my car... well she isnt dead.. just permantly
paralyzed... fun fun i miss her... she was my little pride
and joy... well im off to try to sleep for and hour or two
before work.... hope no one gets too drunk tonight...
because then u'll just be puking and thats yukky... night
night all have fun sleeping well im wiping asses!