sParKLe. .
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2003-12-13 00:18:23 (UTC)


This still sucks. Alyse is so cool though, for calling
this guy a f*cker. Thanks babes. I just had dance class
with Asia and Cassie and Arielle and it was so much fun.
Me, Cassie, and Asia has these gummy bears and candies and
ate them in our little dark circle. With the lights off.
And it was only us three in the room cause we always come
early. Well yeah, that was cool. And then in class we
learned a new dance. This one part is really freaky, but
Asia can do it. She can do anything. Especially with her
long ass name. Lol. Love You Lots Babes. And the Hebrew,
Giberish, ENglish, Spanglish.. talking with that dude.
Hehe Cassie. Lol. Well I just got Spencer Evan's
barmitzvah invitation. (He asked me out a week ago) I said
no. Sorry spencer. Well yeah. And i figured out that they
copied me, lydia, and joanne. Because we had an RSVP thing
to this one email adress, and so did he! AGHH! kill em
all. lol.. i Love ELISE SHWARTZ - (i think i spelled that
ELSE. and cassie tooo of course. Lindsey is so cute (HIP).
I'm still depressed though. This has been the worst week
in the world. Cassie isn't going out with Eric anymore.
Jacob sort of broke his nose. Meron got into a car
accident, and guess who was in the car with him? (ARI MAN)
the hottest guy in the world! and that sucked too. And
also THe guy i extremely LOVE , hates me. Whatever. I hope
I get over it. Which i probably nEVER EVER will.

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