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2003-12-12 13:20:35 (UTC)

Late Night Chats, Early Morning Sex, And A Killer Headache


He's sleeping at the moment, figured I'd best leave him,
since the chances of me successfully waking him up are
slim to none anyway.

We were talking pretty much all night, about anything, and

I don't feel smart enough for him.

I've not felt dense, as it were, for years, and now I find
myself feeling less, mentally, than him.

He says it's nothing, that I'm smart, clever, blah blah
blah, but he's really intelligent, and I think it's
probably only me that see's it, since he plays dumb around
most people.

Ah well, let's not stress about it.

I'm considering starting writing again.. It was a
progressional thing, a horror novel, started around 6
years ago, never got finished.

I need a thesaurus.

The way I write in here is such a poor reflection of me,
as a person, as a mind.

I want to go shopping.

Not for food, but clothes, and underwear.

Yeah, anyway..

Steve was going to come up tomorrow, but when he found out
Simon was here, he chickened out, bless him. Such a pussy.

This is doing nothing for me.

Shouldn't I feel more relaxed? Less tension maybe, or at
least accomplishment, or something?

I don't.

It's pointless.