2003-12-12 08:10:23 (UTC)

good ol days

this might sound stupid, but pettite went to the astros
today and it made me real sad. depressed for an hour or so.
i guess thats part of baseball and life as well. change.
change, always changin.

also, i dont know what to do for new years. go or stay?

tonight jerry said "your life rocks. thats whats on your
mind. WHEN should i go to italy."

his lesbian girlfriend just broke up with him. he is a
mess. i drove him home and we stopped at a gas station and
he put air in my tires. I like havin a guy around to do
stuff like that. makes him feel like a man and makes me
feel like a girl. both good things

anyway, when im old and withered, ill remember those glory
yankee days when roger clemens, andy pettite, mariano,
jeter, when they were all together. and those tino,
brosious, paully days too.

cause in all kindsa ways, these are the good ol days, arent

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