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2003-12-12 07:08:44 (UTC)

there one once purpose and now..

there one once purpose and now there isnt
now i get drunk andwait fucking wait
go after it and waitinuntil theres something
and there once was once there was someone who would sit
behind me and waituntil i was ready to go to sleep touch
my head make me smile ad make me say baby baby lets go to
sleep when she loved me and now she fucks kristen i see no
fucking changes
no fucking changes she doesnt love me
call me crying let me tell you baby
how many times how many nights i cried
i still do it and i beat myself up until im drunk as fuck
until i pass out

i dont want to fucking live without her i dont care what i
tell everyone i cant fucking live without emily

i cant
and well see how long this lasts

i cant do this or anything without her....

shes my baby and i miss her so much im so in love and she
deosnt fucking care im going to die