Kat Eyes
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2003-12-12 05:45:01 (UTC)

Important Blake Convo

Nocuous Inferno: not much. bored and sad that i missed the
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: :-(
Nocuous Inferno: i herad it was good times
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: it was
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: so
Nocuous Inferno: :-( (sniffle)
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: why :-(?
Nocuous Inferno: cuz i missed out in the fun
Nocuous Inferno: but oh well.. sum other time
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: there will be more parties
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: yea
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: why can't i know?
Nocuous Inferno: know what?
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: nvm

Auto response from Nocuous Inferno: brb

Nocuous Inferno: wait, what?

Auto response from Nocuous Inferno: I waited 'til I saw the
I don't know why I didn't come
I left you by the house of fun
I don't know why I didn't come

XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: nvm
Nocuous Inferno: no tell me skank
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: if u dont remember than its not important
Nocuous Inferno: ok.. ok.... i ws playing dumb
Nocuous Inferno: and yer icon makes me afraid cuz i'm
scared it's gonna like blink or make an angry face or
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: lol
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: alright
Nocuous Inferno: yay
Nocuous Inferno: it was a nice pic tho :-)
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: thanks
Nocuous Inferno: i was just scared it was gonna flip me off
or come out of the screen and attack me
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: ok so tell me what i'm not supposed to
Nocuous Inferno: honestly i know there was sumthing and i
know it had to do with me and u but i don't remeber what it
was exactly
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: liar
Nocuous Inferno: no really
Nocuous Inferno: i don't
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: ok
Nocuous Inferno: sooooo.........
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: so
Nocuous Inferno: yep........
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: akward silence?
Nocuous Inferno: i'm trying to remember
Nocuous Inferno: shhh
Nocuous Inferno: i can't hear myself
Nocuous Inferno: what were we talking about exactly qwhen i
brought that up?
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: brb
Nocuous Inferno: k
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: alright..i'm going a little over
the 'boundaries' here but you shouldn't feel bad b/c unless
there is still a sliver there and i know that aren't, so
i'm not seeing how you feel sad
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: and you replied '....you can't know that'
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: *sliver of feelings
Nocuous Inferno: ohhh
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: (i forgot that part)
Nocuous Inferno: yea, well u can't. u don't know what i feel
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: thats what my guess is
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: am i wrong?
Nocuous Inferno: what do u mean?
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: nvm
Nocuous Inferno: ok ur gona after peice everything together
cuz my mom's internet is slow and i think u get my messages
a minute after i send them
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: alright. thats cool
Nocuous Inferno: i guess that makes sense, i mean. i did
hav felings for u and i passed them up for sumthing else,
that wasn't what i thought it was gonna b, so i guess yea i
kinda do hav sum feelings for u
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: :-(
Nocuous Inferno: y r u sad?
XxtHeMaDkAtTerxX: i dk. i just am
Nocuous Inferno: why?????

Auto response from Nocuous Inferno: meet me in outer space
we could spend the night
watch the earth come up
i've grown tired of that place
won't you come with me
we could start again
how do you do it-make me feel like i do?

Nocuous Inferno: grr
Nocuous Inferno: get bak here