Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-12-12 05:15:25 (UTC)

Yaaay, woo-hoo!, Yaaay, woo-hoo!

No more school....! I just finished my last final this
evening, and I am all out of breath, having to study
feverishly for the 3 math classes during the last 4 days.
I would have to say, that I think that I did pretty well in
all of them, and I hope to make two A's and a single B,
although I heard mention that in my B class, if you did
really well on the final, he would give you an A. On the
other hand, if I am being too overly optimistic, I may get
something worse... oh well, I'll know for sure next week
when they are posted online. I applied for a scholarship
again for next semester, so I hope to get something this
time around, but I think that they would have contacted me
by now....hmmmm..... I got to school early today to try to
sell my books back, but there was a line, and so I said
forget it, and went to the library to study.