my life
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2003-12-12 03:40:55 (UTC)


Here latley things have been a bit harsh, my family life,
my love life also. my Grandmother loves me with all of her
heart, but is upset with the fact that I am a lesbian. My
Mother is going through a hard time since my step Dad works
out of the country, he's home for a month and gone for a
month. So she sometimes get in a funk and I am use to it
but then again it can get a little hard to deal with when
you want to help her get in a better mood and it feels like
she does not want to help at that point in time. (in my
heart I know she wants to) My Sister is Married, to a guy
that recently got laid off. He does not want to go out and
find a job since he can collect unemployment. My Mom, Dad
and myself have found him plenty of jobs but he has not
even tried. Infact one of them was a for sure job and he
did nothing. I mean shoot... he is a father of a almost 5
month old, and he does not want to do crap. My Nephew is
my heart I dont want him to do with out, but my Mother and
I are doing all we can. I mean he gets all he needs... but
I wanted better for my sister. She has settled for him and
she was never like this before. My Mom and Dad are paying
for her car even when her husband did have a job. Now how
messed up is that. Now my gf... her sister is in the same
boat... well to me it's not good at all. She is 17 has a 1
year old....and a 19 year old bf. In which they both
dropped out of school and have another baby on the way.
They both can't hold a job down, they did have jobs but
since they cut their hours they quit. Now my Gf and I have
given money to my sister and her sister, to help them out.
Now I see if they can't help themselfs how can I. Well my
gf's sister and her bf took my car drove it...stole my
sword, violin, knife, broke my radio in my car which will
cost over 1,000 to fix put over 3,000 miles on it. What was
her reason... you shouldn't of left it with teenagers in
the first place your stupid... well okay... but I asked her
to hold it until I could get someone to pick it up for me
since I moved out of the state. Then she goes to tell me I
don't give a f**ck about her or her son. Well I paid her
bills, while she was in school...kept a roof over her head,
food in her stomach clothes on her back and this is how she
repays me. Well they has no respect for me what so ever...
so her and will not ever be trusted in my eyes ever again.
I am afraid that this will put stress on my gf and I on our
relationship, in which is the last thing that I want but I
see it had happend a bit already. Well this is all for