hongi ^_^

walking fish
2003-12-12 01:09:06 (UTC)

this is artist, this is my life.

we are artists, we can see something far away from people,
we do something that people don't dare or not allow to do.
we think more than people can think, we are different.

we believe in truth, we have our own religion, we are
ourselves god.

we are always standing high in the top of the mountain,
that's how we can see so far away. and we are always
leading people in the first second when we see somehting.
but sometimes people don't understand us, don't believe us,
don't want to follow, or sometimes we are tooo hurry they
are too slow... but we still have to keep going, that's our
faith of life, that's our fate. we can't stop it. therefore
sometimes we have to be alone, to be in the state that no
one could understand us but we still have to keep going,
and believing that oneday there must be someone coming, and
find us, and believing that our journey has truely existed
in this world, we didn't waste our time, we are just tooo
far away from people, because we are artists, and artists
are like that.