hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2003-12-12 01:00:38 (UTC)

under my consciusness (2)

to fly away, is a gorgeorse imagination, they say. to be a
bird is wonderful because you can fly away from all the
terriblestuff and never come back again. however i prefer
to be a fish better. because flying you hav to wave your
arms your wings to keep you flying otherwise you might fall
off. but swimming you just lie in the water, you don't ever
have to move your body, not even your arms, and you even
don't have the bloody wings to fly. you are just simply lie
in the water and that's it.


i was going to go down the stairs and get some water to
drink, but i didn't dare to, i afraid that they would
asking me to have some lunch. i don't care, i won't be
worrying if i am hungry or not. the only thing i worry
about myself is if i'm happy or not. if i'm doing the right
thing for myself or not. i don't mind if i die in hunger,
but i don't want to die in saddness or worriness and
something still worries me.


the most precious thing in the world, is not eat good food,
wear expensive cloth, live in a big house, or to have rich

the most precious thing in the world, is that you can think
freely, and to express yourself in the right way and don't
have all the man-made boundries to limit you. you can be
very poor, you may not have the money to buy your shoes,
but your heart is a palace. and i truely believe.


if i know that writing can heal my life, then i should be
doing this, otherwise i might end up killing myself and
that would be horrible.


i always couldn't bite my nails, because i'm nervous,
because i'm under the pressure, because i don't know what
to do.

so please, love me, give a tneder hug, and tell me that i
haven't been given up. give me hope, give me love, and
please, don't ever give me up, please.