hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2003-12-12 00:31:15 (UTC)

if you push over the tower, there will be a bridge to walk away.


the taller you build
the higher you fall

i was sitting on the top
the tower of dream
(the dream of tower)
the thron of the rose
(the bleeding of the passion)
the edge of the glass
(the melting of the ice cube)
the flowing of the black hair
(the rope of hanging body in my past life)
the wings of the butterfly
(the escaping of my soul)
the celebate in the moonlight
(the sonata for the e-flat piano solo piece)
the string of the cello
(the gaze in the darkness)
the fring of the lace
(the forbidden kisses of the apple)
the weaving of the fluttering smoke
(the endless comma between the stamps)
the whiting of the overlapping matches
(the loneliness of the stress of the perfection of the
desire of the selfish of the self-esteem of the passion of
the protection of the danger of the world of the dream of
the tower)

fuck off
got to get out of the bloody gloomy tower dream

be ready to break down the tower
fallen in the whitey tower dream. wake up
and walk away
on the bridge

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