R Jones

My Life: The load of crap
2003-12-12 00:26:00 (UTC)

What you'll get...

Now if you're one of the people who are actually gonna
read my pathetic diary, I recommend you go get a
life...but really...here's what you'll get in the months
to come.

You will get...
In depth details that you don't want to know about.
(My addiction to porn...)

I will use...
the "F" word so many fucking times, and in so many fucking
ways, that you will finally realize the flexibility and
versatility of this...mother FUCKING word.

I won't use...
correct english, spelling...or any of that
bullshit...Really, it's over...importisized...?

This is not...
FUNNY...I'm not here for your damn amusement. I'm not
even funny in the first place. I can usually get a laugh
or two out of pure stupidity...which in that case, this
shit is gonna be funny.

I will...
Bitch. In fact, that's all I'll be doing. You see, over
the past few months of come to the realization that I hate
life, and nobody wants to hang out with a guy who only
bitches. So I thought, I could give you the option to
listen. Everybody bitches, they just keep it inside. I'm
lettin' that shit out.

I'll try not to...
Talk nonstop about absolutely nothing for hours on end.
It'll be short, and sweet. If I do, do this, it's either
important that I do, or I want you to come and knee me in
the balls.

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