R Jones

My Life: The load of crap
2003-12-12 00:05:04 (UTC)

A Diary...wow I'm gay...

So a couple days ago I randomly check Chad's profile as I
do to everyone else's, and WOAH, there's a diary in
there. Now I think to myself...how gay can you get. What
loser would actually want to read about Chad's life. So
what do I do? I read that shit. Some things made me
laugh, some made me cry, but most of it just made me want
to kill myself. So then I thought to myself. HEY..I'm a
pathetic loser too. SWEET. I'll make my own little
dumbass diary and write pointless depressing things that
will make everyone else want to role over and die too.
Or, quite possibly, it'll make them happy that they aren't
me. Either way, I hope nobody reads this shit because
really...my life blows.