south rocks
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2003-12-11 23:45:45 (UTC)

new diary

this is my new diary which mite only last until my old 1
worx again but we'll c. i really like my old 1 but o well.
2 day was cheering practice 4 tryouts and i was
backspotting. i haven't backspotted since i was like 7 but
the coach said i was doin good. i had alot of fun. i hope
me and ash make it. i really wanted 2 go 2 the swim meet
but i culdn't. sry dave i still luv u!!!! good luck don't
come in last!! go amy!!! go brit!!! go chelsea!!! go
rich!!!! go south!!! i culd name more but that wuld take 2
long, so if ur not on here i still luv ya. stina nc is not
a good base she really sux!!!!! ppl r mean!! ok well thats
all 4 now ttfn

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