2003-12-11 23:21:52 (UTC)

new day

well today's a new day... i got one day of school left
before finals... wahooo... well sorda now it just means i
have to work more.. but i get to sleep in thats a plus but
i dont get to see everyone id like to see but like it
matters he said my hair looks like it got caught in a
door.. but i dont care i like it and i guess thats what
matters... lol well i found out my whole insurance deal and
car deal.... and it makes me a little bit happier lol its a
lot less then i was expecting to pay... which is always
good but the bad news is i got suckered into an 11-7 shift
tomorrow night... now thats gonna kill... well i guess i
dont eally have much else to say but be happy smile and say
screw others.. people can be real assholes sometime

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