Life is a big, dark thing
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2003-12-11 22:38:06 (UTC)

Day 1- Getting prepared

I am on a dangerous journey to the bathroom. THis will be
a long and treacherous(vocab word!) journey and I will
make sure to claim the land. It may take me several days
to get back, I may even never come back. But I must, the
love of my life is waiting. Beverley may send a letter to
me, I will come back to her. I am getting ready. I have
some food, a cantine, a picture of my dog(so cute!), and
lysol. There are evil monsters that roam the land there
like the Smellius Kevinus or the Loudus Connorus. For
short, they are the cucu and kachoo. I am ready. After I
eat some ice cream, I will go.