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2003-12-11 21:47:07 (UTC)

Revolutionizing the Act of Studying

LECTURE #1 - the historical overview

**The enlightenment (1700-1800):
- Emergenmce of reason, rationality, facts
- skepticism of tradtional authority (church)
- rise of individualism. Rise of CAPITALISM

**Industrialization Urbanization (1800-1975)
- technological advancement
- faster production of things
- new media technologies (i.e. telegraph)
20th C - Hollywood, WW1, depression, WW11, USA superpower...
1940-50 - economic boom, stability
1960 - social movements, suddenly civil unrest
1980 - Regan, Mulroney, Thatcher. Right-wing, trickle down
1990 - New form info/comm, rise of globalization

- Rise of advertising, PR, Propaganda
- Feild of Comm 1950
- Comm was studied by other feilds. Identity crisis

- the early focus of achademics
- Paul LAZZERFELD: did work for gov, corporations.
- concerned with effect of media on ppl's behaviour
- large scale QUANtitative issues

*Some achademics disagreed

- Durkheim, Adorno, Marcuse
- critical, QUALitative research
- questioned motivs of bus. and gov. "Cultural Industry"
- Why important things (CULTURE) controlled by business?
- Not only do dominant class own modes of production but
also means of producing social thoughts values

- shift from administrative to critical after 1960's

1) Interested in Communication, Culture, power, etc
2) Not only studying, but putting work into practise
3) Interested in history for contemporary understanding
4) More qualitative
5) Tends have skeptical view of media

****Themes in Canadian comm
- crtical
- things that typify canadian situation.

Ok, shit, that was only one lecture. There is no way I am
doing that for 11 more lectures, especially given that the
exam is tomorrow. So then the key to this revolution is
begining more than 1 day before your actual test or exam
and having the will and drive to keep going. But then once
you are done, you can check out your notes whenever you
want! So, all in all, not bad. I suspect I will recieve
vast quantities of positive feedback.

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