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2003-12-11 14:57:59 (UTC)


I got a call from my sister yesterday afternoon to tell me
Mom had had a stroke and was in the hospital. I called the
hospital and got some information there and then I called my
sister back and my Dad. The stroke has affected her vision
and speech; she can neither see nor speak although she's now
able to make some small sounds. She cannot swallow. Dad,
as usual, has put a positive spin on it describing her stroke
as small and saying she would be out of the hospital within
a couple of days. I'm not that optimistic and neither was
the nurse caring for her. Of course, I said nothing of the
sort to Dad. He sounded exhausted. Dad is 81 and Mom will be
82 next month.

I told them that John and I would go see her for a very
short time sometime today. I'm going to talk to my pastor
this afternoon.

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