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walking fish
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2003-12-11 12:41:01 (UTC)

the story of the walking fish (7 of 17)

I remember my mum was sewing the wedding dresses, when I
was little.
So whenever someone asked me what’s my mum’s job, I told
them proudly, my mum sews the wedding dresses!
I thought being a bride is a very wonderful thing, and I
always dreaming to be a beautiful bride, to wear all the
most beautiful dress in the world.

Now I am growing up, and I found that actually the beauty
of the bride is not because of the beautiful cloth; the
beauty of bride is from her heart, because the bride is
going to marry to her lover.

I think I might marry to myself, to be the queen of myself.
And the beauty will be from my heart. I can wear beautiful
cloth everyday.

My name, is Narcissus.

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