hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2003-12-11 12:36:36 (UTC)

the story of the walking fish (3 of 17)

The fish miss her favourite seaweed all the time.
Chewy, smoothie, salty… taste like ocean, taste like
She got homesick sometimes.
Animal rarely eats seaweed.
Her friend rabbit shared some carrots with her, but carrot
is too hard for her teeth.
Her friend parrot shared some sunflower seeds with her, but
she couldn’t even open the shell.
Her friend shark shared some salmon with her,
She cried, “I just miss my seaweed…”
Then a goldfish walks to her, “Why don’t you come to my
house? I got a seaweed pond in my garden.”
And then she stops crying, and follow the gold fish home.
Now she lives in the goldfish’s house, she eats seaweed
everyday, but she still misses seaweed.
She decides to move out,
To somewhere no seaweed.

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