hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2003-12-11 12:23:29 (UTC)

the story of the walking fish (2 of 17)

I always lie on my bed, and try to touch the sky. (In my
daydream I am always lying under the wide sky.) Always, I
wonder what’s beyond the clouds… there must be a beautiful
palace, angels and fairies around, the air would smell like
vanilla, creamy sweet and feathery soft.

And then I become a fish, with golden-orange scales,
looking up the water and wondering, what’s up over the

Left and right
To and from
Up… and up, and up, and
Finally, reach out of the surface; take a breath, and
another breath.

Sky (blue)
Clouds (white)
Air (?)
Water (blue)
Fish (myself, golden-orange)

And then, I come back again.