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2003-12-11 08:37:01 (UTC)

Another Online Diary

Alright, this is my second online journal/diary. I've just
read a diary of a bisexual. Sure, she/he does really have
the guts to write things about her and her gf (and stuffs
they make together). But honestly, I admire her. Well let's
start off about me before I go overboard with this gal. I'm
Kage, female, 17 years old and a freshman in the College of
Accountancy. Right, I'm a Philippine citizen, a smart, i
admit, girl. And call me wierd, because tha's what i am.
Now, going back to that gal...yeah, i don't despise
homosexuals, never. I admire them. Thay have this courage
that they keep inside them. Yup, my know-it-all mouth is
out again.
But never mind that gal. I have to talk about me...that's
the focus.
So what's good about me? What I'm good at? Everybody goes
blabber mouth whenevr i ask them that. "You're good in
almost everything! You're a great pianist, writer,
Am i really good at those?
I was only five, when my dad walked me to my first day in
Nursey School. Yeah, I was brave enough that time. When we
reached the room, I kissed my father goodbye and sat at the
back. Nice move. Well, the class went fine except for three
kids who insisted of keeping their parents beside them the
whole day. tell you about the details later!