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2003-12-11 06:29:57 (UTC)

I'm sick of school!

Well it's almost the end of the semester. It doesn't seem
to be coming fast enough!!
Quite frankly I'm sick of it right now! It makes me almost
sick to have to go do the same thing every day...I think
I'm ready for a complete change of pace and something
totally new! I know by the time August gets here that I
will for sure be ready for a "new beginning--"whatever and
wherever that may be. I know where I would like for it to
be--but God has to open that door and give me the peace to
be there and the resources--if he wants me there.
I think I've finally decided that it bothers me to see
people doing and saying things that they know NOTHING
about!! Just had to throw that out there after my
wonderful evening in the MMAC!! ARGGG!!!!
I have many "new years resolutions." A lot this is
CHANGE!! I need to do a lot of things differently and think
a little bit differently and really become more connected
with God, my body, my needs, and my music/performing.
Even though they may probably never read this I have to
thank some people for getting me through the day and making
me smile!! Thanks BB, Olivia, Ted, and JR!
Well the "royal" wedding is this weekend....I'm off to bed--
I have a test tomorow and then I'm off for the busy wedding
weekend and studying my butt off for finals.
If I don't update---HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a great new

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