Th3 VoiCe Unl3aSheD
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2003-12-11 06:23:48 (UTC)

just let the tears flow freely.......

welcome back depression...its been about a month since ive
seen you here. are you enjoying your stay in my heart and
mind? wonderful.


well ive officially had one of the shittiest days of my
life....i mean...wut HASNT gone wrong today? i dont even
wanna talk about it nemore cuz that will be like reliving
it. my english teacher is a bitch...i hate her so much. the
VP of my school is an asshole...wut else is new? the VP
last year wasnt much better. the secretaries at our school
are rude, degrading and possibly the stupidest human beings
on the face of this earth...except the secretary in the
guidance office...i like her...shes nice...and always
friendly....unlike the old hags in the main office. wutever.

catholic school is absolute and utter bullshit. i warn any
person planning on going to a catholic school...make sure u
have money and patience. all they ever fucking want is more
money...and all you need is patience of steel to get
through one day. that doesnt even really have anythin to do
with wut im upset about...really...i dunno why i even
bothered to say nethin bout it.

im frustrated bout somethin very personal to me...and its
tearing me up inside...but some resolutions are being i guess thats good.

Sammi is tired now and her little visitor depression is
starting to get fidgity...

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