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2003-12-11 06:23:15 (UTC)


tell me the raven is ugly
treat me as if i am nothing
jump to my bidding
stare at the ugly ceiling
act as if i am not here
ignore my silent tears
fear me when i smile
see me as a lost child
hear not the words i say
love the night loathe the day
sink in the depth of water
prepare for a useless slaughter
drown in a life of no peace
hope for the least
live in world of pain
struggle to say sane
pick up the unbroken hearts
destroy them ripping them apart
tear the paper to shreds
hate the live love the dead
remember the heart break
do whatever it takes
kill happiness live in despair
love not cause nothings ever fair
wallow in self pity
roam at night the empty city
fear not the future yet embrace the past
swim through the fire make it last
treat me as if i am nothing
tell me the raven is ugly

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