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2001-10-09 06:33:05 (UTC)

What prevents Terrorism, food or bombs?

Today has been a pretty typical day for me. I stayed up
late this morning watching the news about the attacks on

I guess I am one of those few Americans who wishes we
weren't launching missles, bombing, etc. Afghanistan. I
think it's ironic that these people have probably been
starving for 20 years, and only now is the United States
sending them food. I hope this doesn't encourage any other
third world countries to harbor terrorists in the hopes of
food drops

This morning's USA today said a Tomahawk missle costs
600,000 USD. When all is said and done I wonder how much
money we will spend trying to bomb these people into
turning over bin Laden. I wonder if instead we had invested
that money into the country over the past 20 years. Maybe
if we help them grow food using modern techniquies, much
like the ones used in India, people like the Taliban, and
bin Laden wouldn't have been able to come to power.

Of course, maybe not. Who knows? (Wish we could find out
for sure though).

One of my bible devotionals today
talked about finding contentment in what we have. It
reminds me a lot about the Solomon's message in
Ecclesiastes, or Paul's message in Philippians, or even
some Buddhist traditions. I think today I'm going to try
and remember to count my blessings and be content in the
things that I have. Not to ask for too much more (although
a new car would be nice ).

I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. —
Philippians 4:11