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2003-12-11 05:42:33 (UTC)


Wow, i thought for once in a long time (like a month) my
life was taking a turn for the better. Things had gotten
better with my family and sister, our house lawsuit was
looking on the bright side, which made my parents get off
my back for a while. My friends and i were all getting
along and everything was just peachy, ha... that didn't
last too long.
Well, ok, i have had major bad luck with guys in the past
and i have just recently met someone that has changed my
mind about all that, well, little did i know that liking
him would piss everyone off... and with my luck, he
actually likes my sorry ass, lol which i have no idea why,
but im happy for once, and the people i thought who would
be happy too, turn on me. But hey, at least i have him to
help me through all of this because he is going thru the
same thing with his friends (not understanding), and its
all my fault that ive brought this on to him, and i feel
horrible. I feel like i should try and fix things with my
friends, but i want to be with someone that im happy with
for once and im going to, he makes me smile and i need
that. I just hope that everyone will be mature and
understand... this has just made me re-think who my true
friends are...
Anyway i feel dumb because i just said all that... yea well
today school was pretty shitty, i slept through all of
psychology but i dont think mr. moore even cared, ha, but
he came up to me after classes asking if i was ok because i
have seemed stressed out for the past week or so, is it
that freakin obvious?! I should work on that because people
dont need to see that in me... and US history is on my last
nerve, if i have to do one more f'ing section review or
map, i swear i will flip out on mr. turner! I took my trig
test after school today, to my advantage, there was a team
meeting for the math teachers so i was lucky enuff to take
a test in the adjacent room... by myself :) no teachers...
so i whipped out the ol' notebook to check some things and
i feel pretty confident about my test **Wink wink**... i
feel horrible for doing that, but this is stuff from a
month ago that i missed due to surgery and i need a good
grade in that class!
But anyway its close to one and i have school tomorrow
(yuck) and i have to work 3-10... madness i tell you! And
plus "drumline" is on HBO and i want to finish watching it,
who needs sleep! haha

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