2003-12-11 05:22:45 (UTC)

i guess maybe it sorta..

i guess maybe it sorta frightens me.
its so easy not to call.
they always said i wasnt strong enough.
no one believed me when i said
this way, the other way, was easier.

i was never too weak to leave.
too stubborn. too righteous. maybe.
but not weak.

hitting clear is easy. avoiding is easy.
however, forgetting is not.

i wont forget.
and forgiveness isnt an option anymore.

too much. too deep. too long.

i was strong to stay.
not weak.

this. this is weak.

this is giving up on the one thing i have ever believed in.
and the one fucking thing i was terribly wrong about.

this is me at my weakest.
weak kneed. weak minded. weak willed. mostly, weak hearted.

this is goodbye.

and maybe love isnt forever.

but this certainly is.