2003-12-11 04:30:56 (UTC)

stay or leave, i want you not to go....

im not sposed to put this song in here cus its hers but i
only know one person who reads both ours and i like it a
lot so im putting it.

today was long and not the best.. im really tired and not
in the best mood. i went and did more shopping cus i
thought it would cheer me up but it didnt. matt tried so
hard at work to cheer me up but i couldnt even barely be
nice, i just feel like shit.. monica and chandlers
engagement was on tonight and that made me cry, first time
ive cried in awhile but i dont think it counts, only counts
for proving what a dork i am.

i miss ashley. i was thinking about going down there this
weekend. but i have so much to do. and this mess is
making me crazy. i leave for indiana in two weeks. and im
having trouble finding what i want for caroline. i spent
an hour and a half online looking and it really irritated

i guess im probably not going to class tomorrow either so i
can go into work to help her with those signs, partly
because matt threw a fit over needing time to teach me
screening even though i already can do it, partly because
i need the money what with me not working much the next
couple weeks or last week, and with christmas shopping, my
car, and my plane ticket.. and partly cus i get to spend
some time with her. and try not to kiss her.

i just dont feel good. i feel all day like i cant smile,
im on the verge of tears and i have no energy. i hate days
like this. i guess im going to bed.

maybe different but remember winters warm where you and i
kissing whiskey by the fire with the snow outside
and when the summer comes, in the river
swims at midnight, shiver cold, touch the bottom
you and i with muddy toes

stay or leave, i want you not to go
but you should
it was good as good goes
stay or leave, i want you not to go
but you did

wake up naked drinking coffee
making plans to change the world, while the world is
changing us
was good good love,
you used to laugh under the covers
maybe not so often now
but the way i used to laugh with you was loud and hard

stay or leave, i want you not to go
but you should
it was good as good goes, stay or leave
i want you not to go, but you did

so what to do with the rest of the day's afternoon hey
isn't it strange how we change everything we did
did I do all that i should
that I coulda done

remember we used to dance and everyone wanted to be
you and me, i want to be too
what day is this, besides the day you left me
what day is this, besides the day you went babe
what day is this