The Pathetic Ramblings of Me
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2003-12-11 02:25:40 (UTC)

Who are you?

I know that is a vague question and you may not be
entirely sure of the answer. But I am not looking for a
deep philisophical response. A name would be just fine.

I just realized that people could comment on this thing.
So i was reading the comments that people had given...and
i want to say thank you for taking time out of your life
to read my pathetic ramblings.

However, I was a bit confused by Charisma1525's comment.
The comment was fine, but who are you, charisma1525? It
would be nice if people left their name in their replies,
especially if it is somebody that i dont send e-mail to
very frequently. So Charisma1525, if you are indeed a
real human being, and would not care too awfully much if i
actually had any idea who you might be in real life,
please leave your name so that I can identify you!

Well, thats all i have to say for now!

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